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Italian metal band Lacuna Coil documented the various stages of a previously concluded European Tour with a La Sardina DIY camera. In an interview with Lomography Italy, Cristina Scabbia, the band's vocalist, answered a few questions, and today we'd like to share her answers with you.

Hello Cristina, describe yourself in three adjectives.

Three are very few to describe me, but I try and choose three positive adjectives: volcanic, creative, optimistic.

How did your passion for music begin?

My passion for singing started when I was really small. My parents still have a cassette of when I was about 4 years old and sang very loudly. But it was a little later in my teens, however, that the passion has also become job, first with the participation in projects of DJ friends and then when I met the other members of Lacuna Coil.
In fact I never aspired to become a “rock star” or be part of a band, because although I loved to sing even before entering the profession, I have never liked being the center of attention, especially during the performance on stage. But I can just say that it is the music that chased me and took over me completely, so now I don’t have any stage shyness!

You and metal: how did you come to this genre?

I first started listening to it when I started going to clubs that played rock and metal music, when I was about 20 years old. I must say that until then did not know much about this kind of music, I had received a quite general education (as far as musical styles) from my brothers, all older than me, who made me listen to a bit of everything , from Genesis to Pink Floyd, from Guccini to the Police, from Soft Cell to Ice T. Basically a little bit of everything, but too much rock and no metal.I was at that point even more intrigued because I never liked to “lazily accept” only the offering of the media and I’ve always preferred to trust to my personal taste.So I started listening to bands like Paradise Lost, Pantera, the Type or Negative, as well as classic Metallica.When I felt the passion that inspired the bands that played metal and the energy of the concerts I witnessed, then I realized that this would be my path.

In a recently concluded European tour with Lacuna Coil, you brought with you a La Sardina DIY. and rolls of film in black and white. What was it like shooting with an analogue camera, in an era where immediate sharing of photos is the rule?

I must say, at the beginning it was a little strange. Accustomed as we are to see the results immediately in a digital camera or even from a smartphone, I was intrigued by the fact of “not knowing” what I was able to portray. The shoot with La Sardina reminded me of the time when, as a teenager, took home the rolls of film with photos taken on vacation hoping the photos themselves had come well in order to preserve a memory of summer. The romantic side of using this type of camera was really fascinating.

Did you have some difficulties taking photos with the La Sardina or were you immediately at ease?

I found myself completely at ease in taking photos and figuring out how to select the options to shoot. I only had two small problems: I forgot (later) that the La Sardina doesn’t have automatic winding and so, when I opened the back of the camera to remove the film… I almost ruined everything, as the roll was still stretched … and instead I had to wrap it manually! The other small problem was with the flash … disorganized as I am I did not realize that I had put the camera and the flash in my backpack … but with the flash still on and so it fainted in my arms, exhausted! Ooops!

What are your favorite subjects?

I always prefer to take and view photos that depict people, moments shared with someone. Landscapes are beautiful of course, but that expression of the face immobilized forever in one shot is more important to me than any scenery in the world.

What did the other members of the band and the fans say when they saw you with the La Sardina? Were there jokes, signs of appreciation or curiosity?

Definitely there was great surprise and curiosity on the part of the others as it is almost rare to see someone walking around with an analogue camera in hand!!

Was there a concert where you thought, “Oh, how I wish I had the camera with me now!”?

Yes, all of our concerts, as I could not take any pictures during our live performance! The last evening, however, I gave La Sardina to a friend and she did enjoy shooting. And thank goodness, at least we have immortalized some pictures … of my "office”, ha ha!

If you could choose to portray a person (of the past or present, famous or not) with your camera, who would you choose?

Being passionate about portraits and great observer of faces, the list is almost endless … In general I would like to portray someone that lends itself to “play” with the camera. I think the great thing about getting a portrait done is try to show yourself differently to how you usually are.

Will you continue to take photos in analogue after this tour?

I think so, the charm of surprise and waiting until after the development make using an analogue camera worthwhile.

It’s a bit like waiting for the release of a new album of our favorite band and hope to find in your hands something that excites you and that will always remain in your heart.

Thank you Cristina, we expect more pictures then!

Special thanks goes to Serena Bolsieri, who connected us with Lacuna Coil.

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  1. lucicj
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    Most delighted by the interview! To quote from one of Lacuna Coil's songs, analogue photography will always be Our Truth!

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