The Story of the LC-Wedding


You all know the LC-Wide but I don't know if this camera that I bought a year ago somehow always relates and connects to the word "wedding." Believe me or not but I will tell you about The LC-Wedding!

My Big Brother’s Wedding

I don’t know really about this but when I was writing up this article, I decided to put a photo for the header of this article. Suddenly, BOOM! I saw the description of this photo “LC-Wedding.” This must be destiny I said to myself. I’m destined to write up this piece. Anyway, the photo above I took a year ago at my big brother’s wedding and more of that later.

Thanks to Panji for the photo

One day on October last year, a good friend of mine, Panji was visiting my home. I remember he was scanning at my room and somebody called for me to go outside. “Wow!” It was DHL who delivered a package for me and I knew exactly what’s inside the box. That’s the best feeling ever for a lomographer! You all know that feeling! It’s really great, right? I was so happy because at that time I just got back from a great trip to Mount Bromo (with Panji too) and two days after that day was my big brother’s wedding.

Moments before the wedding

As I shot with my LC-Wide, I realized that this camera is great for shooting wedding moments (at that time I just have two days to adapt myself using the LC-Wide), so there I am shooting at my big brother’s big day!

Look how happy he is!

There’s no wedding party without documenting those priceless moments with your love ones. As we all know LC-Wide is great for those self portraits but that day my biggest mistake was…I didn’t bring any flash! But no regrets!

Beautiful Blur!

For that moment on, I guess there will be so many weddings that I have to attend. Whether is my cousin’s or my friend’s. But let’s start with my friend’s wedding.

1. Aldy and Deska’s Wedding
Aldy and Deska! Both of them are my college buddies, I was so happy for them! Their wedding is the day after I went to that Foster The People concert!

At Aldy’s Wedding

2. Chris and Ruth’s Wedding
Chris a.k..a.kuryzu. He’s my lomobuddy! We went to several lomowalks together in Bandung. Oh my! As I’m writing at the moment, he’s probably playing with his newborn-son, Jake. So this one is for you, bro!

At Chris’s Wedding

But wait! A year ago before his wedding, he trusted my friend and I to shot his pre-wedding lomo style! It was so much fun! So that’s “wedding” again! Pre-Wedding!

Chris and Ruth

3. Iqbal and Katya’s Wedding
Katya is a good friend of my girl. So me, as a good boyfriend (well, I’m trying to be a good one!) I attended her wedding.

At Katya’s Wedding

4. Kepank’s Wedding
Kepank is a great lomographer and a good friend in Bandung. So when I attended his wedding, it wasn’t a surprise that I met a lot of Bandung lomographers there. Cheers to that!

At Kepank’s Wedding

5. Wilfried and Maria’s Wedding
The list keeps going as we stumbled the fifth on the list. Maria is one of my girlfriend’s dear friend like Katya.

At Wilfried and Maria’s Wedding

6. Fiddy and Wiwin’s Wedding
My cousin’s wedding! Fiddy is my cousin and now he’s studying abroad but before that story, he decided to get married. Classic!

At Fiddy and Wiwin’s Wedding

7. Erick and Nadira’s Wedding
Nadira is my girlfriend’s best friend so it’s fair to say that this wedding is kind of special. If you know what I mean!

At Erick and Nadira’s Wedding

8. Anthony and Grace’s Wedding
Anthony is a great friend. We met at this event in April and since then I always visit his store. Truly a passionate lomographer who really really loves his LC-Wide. Go check his lomohome! Full of amazing LC-Wide shots! Trust me on this one, kids!

At Anthony and Grace’s Wedding

Here’s some of photos that Chris and I took for them:

Anthony and Grace

Whoooaa! What a list! There are eight weddings! Who will be next on the list? Only time can answer.



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  2. istionojr
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    I'll have this one as my personal story too di, with lc-w indeed, will start soon. :D

  3. adi_totp
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    @istionojr start ASAP :D

  4. hervinsyah
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    The next one is Adi himself =D

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