Travel Back in Time at the Steeltown Shakedown


Hey all you hepcats out there, come check out the Steeltown Shakedown. Welcome to old-skool car culture in Western Pennsylvania.

Credits: 110isnotdead

Back in September, my girlfriend and I made the trip over to McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, a stone’s throw from Pittsburgh, to the annual Steeltown Shakedown hosted by the Drifters Car Club. The event was held at the Twin Hi-Way Drive-in. I had been intending to bring my 1970 Beetle to the event but as things go, it was otherwise not available. So my girlfriend and I hauled off in my Subaru.

Credits: 110isnotdead

Though I love my analogue, I decided to bring my Sony DSLR with me just for kicks. But as luck would have it, I had left my battery in the charger so I was all analogue that day. Lucky for me, I had brought my old Kodak Automatic 35 (see it in a review that I did) with me to document the day. I also had a roll of LOMO 100 and a couple rolls of Kodak Gold 200 so I was covered.

Credits: 110isnotdead

The drive was great and we arrived there after most all of the old cars had gotten there. It was like we stepped back in time to the 50’s when we got out of my car. We also had dressed the part, me in my cuffed jeans, sneakers and ever-present hat and my girlfriend looking hot in her pencil skirt, pinup hair and red lipstick. That’s right, we looked good.

Credits: 110isnotdead

The place was packed with cars and motorcycles from the early days, all the way up to the 70’s. While the Drifters CC hosted the event, other local clubs had a presence as well like the Sacred Pistons Car Club, who co-sponsored the event. Also there, was the Steel City Mods Vs Rockers motorcycle club. It was the largest event they had ever seen at the Twin Hi-way, and I was only saddened that my beloved 1970 VW Beetle “Pac-Rat” could not make the trip, but I digress.

Credits: 110isnotdead

And what cruise-in would be complete without some great rockabilly music. The tunes were provided by local bands The Turbosonics and The Legendary Hucklebucks. They kept the party rockin’ til nightfall, except when some of the local beauties participated in the annual pin-up contest.

Credits: 110isnotdead

Once night fell, and after some of the folks cleared out, it was time for the movie. They sure picked a gem, maybe one of the best car movies of all time; American Graffiti. It made me feel like we were crazy kids back in the 50’s.

Credits: 110isnotdead

So if your tooling around Western Pennsylvania in mid-September and you’re looking for a great show, you could do no better than to check out the spectacle that is the Steeltown Shakedown. You might just see me there too. You might not see my face, but you will see a camera with a hat on top.

Credits: 110isnotdead

PS. If you are driving to McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania by way of US 30 West, be sure to make a pitstop in Chester, West Virginia to see the world’s largest tea pot. Seriously, it’s pretty cool.

Tim Pawlak (aka 110isnotdead) is a librarian, writer, photographer and amateur historian (gotta use that History Degree somewhere). Massillon, Ohio (about an hour south of Cleveland) is where he calls home. He loves to get the feel of every new town he comes to and capture it on film. So if you make your way down the mighty Tuscarawas River, you’ll probably find him with his head buried in a lens.

written by 110isnotdead on 2012-12-14 in #world #locations #hot-rod #drifters-cc #lomo-cn100 #35mm #analogue #50-s #kodak-automatics-35 #art-and-culture #nostalgia #kodak-gold


  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful article!! I've just submitted a review of an old and slightly worn LOMO Electra 112, and haven't heard back yet. I hope Lomography resurrects this camera next, like the LC-a and Lubitel. They haven't done a rangefinder yet.

  2. adash
    adash ·

    @herbert-4 A rangefinder is what they need indeed! I am surprised that the Belair isn't a rangefinder actually.

  3. adash
    adash ·

    Excellent stuff. Those hot-rods and flat-heads drive me crazy, too bad I won't be able to afford one soon.....

  4. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @herbert-4 and @adash Thanks so much. :) I would love for LSI to come out with a rangefinder; maybe a 110? lol Also I would love to have any of those cars too but yeah, money is the problem. That's why I hot-rodded my old beetle, they are cheap. lol

  5. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    O yeah, if anyone notices a pink blur on the bottom right corner of some of the photos, yea, that is my finger. Had a tough time keeping it out of the camera when I was focusing. Gotta work on that. lol

  6. adash
    adash ·

    110 doesn't need a rangefinder, unless equipped with an F/0.95 lens, which isn't going to happen @lomography. The medium format fast lens Belair needs one desperately.

  7. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @adash, we can dream can't we. lol

  8. ricoinbrooklyn
    ricoinbrooklyn ·

    Great article and pics!

  9. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Thanks to @devidb and @clownshoes for liking my article and to @davidb for all the photo likes :) much appreciated!

  10. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @trychydts Thanks so much for the like :)

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