Winter Wonderland: A Day in My Snowy City


We're entering into the time of darkness and snow yet again. This means your neighborhood can drastically change appearance overnight due to snowfall and special light conditions. Inspired by this, I took my camera for a walk through the city.

Taking pictures in the midst of cold winter — with cold hands gripping the camera and numbness in fingers and toes — can make the end result so much more rewarding, when you see the warmth of the analogue photography.

Credits: impaktor

This time of year for us in the northern hemisphere, we get less than 7 hours of daylight at the 55th latitude. At the shortest day, the sun’s highest position is a mere 11 degrees above the horizon. This leads to very long sunsets and sunrises, lasting for a relatively large part of the day.

After the sun sets, at about 15:30, comes the enveloping darkness. But work must continue.

But then operating a cold metal camera with manual focus can get tricky, and even a very still object can end up out of focus.

written by impaktor on 2012-12-12 in #world #locations #winter #snow #white #cold #select-type-of-location #ice #yuletide #urban-adventures #christmas

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