Hare Krishna

Hare Hare! A photo tour with a group of Hare Krishnas in Sao Paulo!

Ok, I confess I do not know much about this group, but I was told that every Saturday they are coming and going in the Paulista singing, dancing and celebrating. It’s contagious, believe me!

I was going to Paulista because of Trestle Parade (which was amazing), but I followed the group for almost 1 hour and ran a bit from the original plan. The excitement was so great!

So you know, if one day you’re hanging out there on a sunny Saturday, keep an eye out, especially near the MASP, which probably happens concentration. Hare Krishna!

written by jorgesato on 2013-02-01 in #lifestyle #celebracao #danca #celebration #festa #hare-krishna #party #dance
translated by monamarques

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