Belair Trots the Globe to Canada


Mafiosa is one of our very active community members. She's one of the lucky Lomographers in Canada who received the very first batch of Belair X 6-12 cameras. Read about her first reactions to her new camera!

Credits: mafiosa

I was so thrilled that my Christmas present to myself this year was the Belair Globetrotter. Normally, when I pick up a package at the post office, I have to open it immediately. But, this time, I decided to be patient and wait because I knew I would want to have a window of time that was quiet and that I could dedicate to analyzing every detail of this new camera and read through the instruction manual.

When I first opened the box, I was a bit surprised at how big this camera actually was. But when I picked it up, it felt very light. I loved the leather/pleather detail around the body, but my favorite feature was definitely the bellows – it just looks cool and sets this camera apart from all the others in my collection.

One of the things I really like about this camera is that there aren’t too many settings to mess with before taking a photo. I love the light sensor for auto exposure. Here are the first couple of photos I shot with it. I think I will have to bump the ISO setting down further next time I attempt indoor or night shots with it. I have only just begun to experiment with this camera, and can’t wait to shoot more with it. I am inspired by all of the wonderful photos I have seen from the other Lomographers that already have their Belairs.

Credits: mafiosa

written by mafiosa on 2012-12-08 in #news #globetrotter #analogue-photography #analogue-cameras #art #camera-reviews #belair

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