My Lomo Milestones: My Firsts

Lomography has became part of my life. I would like to take this opportunity to share my 'firsts' of my Lomo Milestones.

My First LC-Wide Picture
I received a LC-Wide as my early birthday present. This is the first analogue camera I received as a gift and the first analogue camera I own. I took this picture from a car park of a shopping mall to welcome LC-Wide into my life.

My First Double Exposure
My boyfriend brought me out to test my LC-Wide. This first double exposure picture was taken in a park and yes, those are my boyfriend’s legs. I like how the picture turned out.

My First Square Format Picture
I tried to capture pictures using square format of LC-Wide. This is the first shot I took. This toy dog has been in my house for more than 20 years. So I thought, why not take a picture of it so I can keep it as a memory.

My First Half Frame Format Picture
LC-Wide is able to shoot half frame format. Half frame format is good as it can link a story between two images. This is the first half frame format picture I shot. It was taken in a cozy dining place during my birthday celebration. I had a great night.

My First Selected Picture
This is my first picture which was published in handpicked photos section. For the first time, I have 200 likes for my shot. This picture was taken at a beach in my hometown. I personally like this picture a lot and I was glad that it was selected.

My First Instant Picture
This picture was taken with my LC-Wide during my trip to Lake Kenyir. It was a beautiful day and I had a lot of fun.

My First Fisheye Picture
I borrowed a Fisheye No.2 from my friend to try out as I was interested of getting one. This picture was the first shot I took with it. It was taken at my house’s backyard. That little fox is a gift and it’s my great companion at night.

My First Most Popular LomoWall
I was happy and proud that my LomoWall was chosen as one of the August’s Most Popular LomoWall. This is my first LomoWall that received many likes and became one of the popular LomoWall. Thanks everyone for making it happened!

My First Home of The Week
Back in October last year, my LomoHome was selected as Home of The Week and this is the picture featured. I always like this picture. October is my birth month and being Home of the Week made me an extremely happy birthday girl! Thanks, Lomography!

These ‘firsts’ are not the end of my Lomo Milestones. I believe that there will be many more ‘first’ to come in future.

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