Surviving in the desert with your Diana Sahara case


Sahara desert, placed in North Africa, is one of the hottest and largest places in the planet, as well as an inspirational place for our Lomography craftsman, who surprise us one more time with the most original designs. Keep reading below to know what it's about.


If by any circumstance you get lost in the Sahara, don’t you forget to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, cover the head to avoid a sunstroke. Remember that this is the hottest desert of the world, in summer more than 50 degrees can be reached.
  • If you are lucky enough to find a palm tree with dates, then you should take the chance and eat some dates but without going too far, and then protect yourself from the sun. You may find a harem!
  • If you have the temptation to take off your clothes to sunbath a bit, think twice as clothes are a filter and, moreover, they protect you from getting as dry as a raisin. Search for water! – it’s important.

And now, yes! If by any chance your friends have left you with your beautiful Diana F+ hanging from the neck and well kept in its Diana Sahara matching case, it’s the time to began to take photos of the landscape, which is priceless, and don’t forget to follow the following recommendations to try and go out from there as soon as possible, or you have also the chance to get to a harem and shoot all the films you have in your pockets.

You’d be totally prepared to continue your Lomographic expedition and not die trying, your Diana F+ would be perfectly protected and very well decorated to blend into the landscape, this matching case is the ideal complement for your 120 format camera.

It would possibly survive to the expedition and reflect the roughness of the desert, and its beautiful sand mountains, this way, who know, it could become a post-Lomographist graphic document.

See you soon!

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