Top Shoutbox Users of November 2012


The shoutbox is alive and it is an awesome platform to speak out your mind!

Or maybe drop a hello or share your latest Lomographs! Whatever it is you’d like to say, then you can count on that cute little message box. Cheers to these people who truly appreciate it!

dermanu (134 shouts)
dida (113 shouts)
aldaer (89 shouts)
djramsay (86 shouts)
kleinerkaries (84 shouts)
110isnotdead (66 shouts)
jahwil (63 shouts)
rainboow (57 shouts)
poepel (54 shouts)
jezzyjung (53 shouts)

written by mayeemayee on 2012-12-01 in #news #recap #november-2012 #top-shoutbox-users #community

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