Making the Most of 120 Film: 16 Square Photos


A quick tipster on how to have 16 square frame photos when using the Holga or Diana.

One disadvantage of using 120 film is the fact that with a square mask, you can only produce 12 images. However, when using Holga or Diana, you can choose to have 16 square frame photos if you switch the window counter to 16, while still using the 6×6 mask.

The only thing is that there will be overlaps in both sides of your photos. If that is ok with you, then you can simply consider it as an additional effect. I personally like how mine came out.

Credits: renenob

written by renenob on 2012-12-04 in #gear #tipster #quickie-tipster #camera #square #lomography #film #120 #quick #tipster #overlap #diana #holga


  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    So when shooting in 16-shot mode but still 6x6 format, are you still winding the film all the way to the next film count number in the little window?

  2. renenob
    renenob ·

    Yes, follow the number in the window @twinklecat

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