Capturing Autumn and its Natural Colors

What do you like to see when you're surfing the web through autumn photos? Is it all about natural colors or do we need some special bright?

Credits: ck_berlin

Depending on the photo that we want to get, everything is related with the environment, the light and the film. The following Lomography friends try to get really amazing results with only a few tricks.

Autumn natural colors

Credits: katse, ginnys & malcok

If you want to capture the real colors, you have to choose a negative film, in this way you will get the beauty through yellow, orange and red. So you will be real, like the nature.

Blue Sky

Credits: luciasrose, disdis & buckshot

I think this must be the best trick. For me, this is the main trick for each photo outside. I love the light in an awesome blue sky, the way it is reflected in all the colors and the interesting shadows it makes.Well, related with the blue sky, all is happiness and love about life, or that’s what I think. Contrast between orange and blue, it’s just perfect. Beauty like the nature!

Red Scale

Credits: ohpleasedontgo, lomoc & shoujoai

This film can be an option. It will show the autumn colors and will give them some magic. Each landscape becomes on an element. You can also use this film if you want to take some fake autumn photos.

Other Colors

Credits: trashpilotin, dreamseller & fruchtzwerg_hh

If you want to play only a bit, you just have to mess autumn colors. Give them a green tone, pink or purple and you will have lot of fun! You only have to chose the film and wait what happens!

Without Sun

Credits: -alia-

I went to do a photography shoot in autumn and there was no sun, the sky was not blue. So I thought that It would be good to capture the real colors using a “Lomography CN 400”:, but instead, I got some dark and grey photos. I don’t like how they are, because it doesn’t show the truly beauty of this season.

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translated by carlosbull

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