Lomo Beginnings with the Multi-Colored Holga

It's just mid-November and I have already been reading lots of amazing stories of my fellow lomographers' Lomo beginnings, so I might as well share my story too. Read on if you're curious on how I got enamored with the vibrant world of Lomography!

The CMYK/Multi-Colored Holga, the lomo camera that started it all for me.

A famous movie line goes “You had me at ‘hello’” but I guess in my case, Lomography had me at x-pro. Three years ago, I was browsing through the photography threads of a local forum I used to visit a lot, and one of them was about Lomography. I’ve always been interested in photography, so when I saw the photos taken by Manila-based lomographers, I was stunned. The crazy color shifts, the amazingly bright hues (I didn’t care if some people found them somewhat blindingly bright), the overall uniqueness of each photo were enough to make me want to just dive into such a vibrant world.

I found out later that the photos were all taken using slide film and x-pro-ed. I was no stranger to film photography, being a 90s kid who loved shooting with my family’s point and shoot cameras. Also, I had a photojournalism class in my college days. But, I’ve never heard of cross processing, and none of the photos I had ever taken were as colorful, eye-catching, and mind-blowing as the lomographs I’ve seen.

I finally decided to give it a try after almost a year of reading stuff about lomography. Of course, I also had to deal with certainly the biggest question every would-be lomographer encounters: which camera to get started with? After much deliberation, I decided to get a Multi-Colored/CMYK Holga 120 CFN. A colorful life with lomography should begin with an equally colorful statement camera, don’t you think?

Here she is!

After days of sleeplessness and excitement, I finally got my first ever lomo camera, which I first named “Holly” but now call “Helga.” My life has since then been full of many delightful firsts: first photowalks with lomo cameras, first time to shoot 120 film, first time to shoot with slide films, first time to get cross-processed images, and many more.

I brought my Holga everywhere I went and showed her off to my friends! They thought she was cute as a child’s toy camera, but I kept telling them, “Don’t let its kiddy colors trick you into thinking it’s a toy—it can actually take awesome photos!”

Of course, like many others, I didn’t get nice results the first time. It took me a lot of experimentation and operated the camera on trial and error; I honestly wasn’t expecting for it to be a bit difficult at first! I got mostly underexposed and blurry photos from my first three rolls of Fuji Superia/Reala 100 120:

Here are some of the best of the worst. Haha.

Later, after some rolls and lots of practice, I finally managed to take some satisfactory shots. Well, maybe still not good, but getting there:

All photos taken using Kodak Portra 400 NC. Take a look at some more in this album!

So, that’s all folks! Stay tuned because I’ll tell about my Lomo Milestones next! Thanks for reading!

written by plasticpopsicle on 2012-11-19 in #lifestyle

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