Mixed Media Art by Lisa Congdon


The mixed media works of our featured artist from San Francisco may appear simple at first, but stare at them longer and you will notice the pleasant combination of patterns and colors in each of her work. Take a look at some of them after the jump!

Joining our roster of clever and eye-catching mixed media artworks featured here in the Magazine are the works of Lisa Congdon, an illustrator and fine artist from San Francisco.

At first glance, Lisa’s mixed media art may appear too simple to some, but look closer and you will notice her skillful use of textures, patterns, and bright colors alongside graceful pencil sketches. It may seem easy to reproduce, but, as with any mixed media art, there’s a delicate balance between the plain pencil lines and the bold colors or patterns that many may find challenging to achieve.

Take a look at some of her works below:

Photos via Lisa Congdon's Mixed Media Portfolio

You can find more of her mixed media and other artworks on her portfolio.

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