Quickie Tipster - DIY Diana Shutter Lock


This Lomo quickie gives you just the tip about creating your own DIY shutter lock from a 35mm film case. If you lost the one that came with the camera, recycle a piece of plastic that's been around the photography block for your lock.

Have you ever been stuck wanting to take a long bulb exposure with your Diana but don’t have your shutter lock? Well, here’s a very quick tipster to make a DIY Diana Shutter Lock from an old 35mm film case:

Step 1. Get an old 35mm film case and a pair of scissors.
Step 2. Cut the case from the top to about half way down.
Step 3. Cut around the rest of the case.
Step 4. Now cut out a wedge from the case and trim it to fit as a handy shutter lock for your Diana camera. (check out all the pictures below for examples)

written by sixsixty on 2012-11-19 in #gear #tipster #diy #quickie-tipster #lock #recycle #diana #reuse #shutter #tutorial #camera #handicraft

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