Bel Air, Bel Air, Everywhere


With that sultry voice, sensual mouth, and vintage allure, Lana del Rey has managed to snag our old-school hearts and sensibilities.

Now, we’ve fallen even deeper thanks to this haunting new song and video by Lana del Rey.

And it helps that it’s entitled Bel Air, too. That gives us a total of two Bel Airs that we adore. Guess which one’s the first?

✘ Youtube:

And oh, random trivia, the village nearby our Manila office is called Bel Air, too! Bel Airs, Bel Airs, everywhere!

We love medium-format photography. That’s why we’ve developed the Belair X 6-12; an entirely new 6×12 film camera that will bring an amazing level of lens quality to Lomographers. This stylish jet-setting camera combines all the stunning features of a panoramic, medium-format camera without the excessive size.

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  1. isaybleh
    isaybleh ·

    One of my favorite songs from her new album. Besides Cola of course lol

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