10/24 - A Gallery Project


The 8th year of this super cool internet gallery project!

It’s almost that time of year again! Traditionally many Lomographers have taken part in this yearly project over the last 8 years and maybe you would like to take part this time? It’s a simple concept but lots of fun to do!

The shoot begins on October 24, 10:24 GMT (‘Greenwich Mean Time’), and ends on October 25, 10:24 GMT. (Example: 10:24 GMT is 6.24pm in Singapore)

The ten/twentyfour project, in its effort to capture a single moment as it passes over several locations around the world, is ultimately a celebration of the diverse, multiple perspectives present in our world today.

2009 as I have already mentioned, marks the project’s eighth year of gathering photographers from across the globe, and seeing their take on the various places they live, work, and play in.

Are you interested? Then please check out the website here!
This link is also super useful – http://www.perceptionthree.net/1024/participate.html – in fact I highly recommend you check out the whole website.

The gallery shows a small selection of some of the images I submitted over the years.

Toodle pip!

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  1. sugiyamasatomi
    sugiyamasatomi ·

    ohhhhh, yes, I'm in!:D

  2. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    ahhh...i participated last year...it was fun!I'm gonna join it again...hmmm...

  3. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    I'm in ! For the third year.

  4. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    Is it possible to submit photos that were taken before dates stated? Can cheat? Haha!

  5. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·

    there were a dozen of lomoheads that made it last year. my pic was made into a banner along with strangelilgirl's. lomo on! its the last day of registration so go!!!

  6. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    @renaishashin like that it defeats the purpose of the project lor...DON'T CHEAT! 1st time my pic was chosen for anything in this project last yr....quite a pleasant memory. :)

  7. stouf
    stouf ·

    Your gallery is incredible ! Nice project !

  8. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    yeah, woo woo! @northwardnimbus congrats to us both from last year! =)

  9. luobodingr
    luobodingr ·

    I only realised yesterday that I was on the 10/24 homepage too...Hope I can pull it off again this year!

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