Midweek Movies: A Walk in the Clouds (1995)


In celebration of Lomography's newly-launched Sparkling Edition cameras, this week's featured movie tells about an unlikely romance set in a scenic Napa Valley vineyard. Read on to find out more!

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Ah, what could be sweeter than relishing the breath-taking view of Napa Valley, the world-famous premier wine region in California? Well, perhaps having an unexpected romance in such a picture-perfect place would be just as sweet.

This is exactly the scenario presented by the American-Mexican romantic drama A Walk in the Clouds, which is a remake of the 1942 Italian drama entitled Four Steps in the Clouds. The 1995 film directed by Alfonso Arau stars Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as Sgt. Paul Sutton and Victoria Aragon, two people who unexpectedly found their fates intertwined in the famed wine region.

Paul, a US Army sergeant, returns to his wife Betty in San Francisco after the war in 1945. However, their reunion is uneasy, especially after he discovers that most of his letters for her have remained unopened. While decided to still try at making their marriage work, Paul leaves for Sacramento at Betty’s urging that he continue selling chocolates door-to-door.

Along the way on a train, he meets Victoria, a graduate student at Stanford University. Paul finds out that she is coming home to her family who owns and runs a vineyard in Napa Valley. However, Victoria is uneasy about her return, as she is pregnant by her professor and is certain that her strict father will be infuriated and throw her out.

Paul then makes an offer to appease the troubled Victoria: he will pose as her husband and meet her traditionalist family then leave by night to make them believe that her husband abandoned her. Victoria accepts, their setting their unforeseen romance into motion.

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  1. nirothehero
    nirothehero ·

    Oh my goodness I remember watching this movie 8 years ago and I had such a massive crush on Keanu Reeves! And I really loved this movie.

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