Tulle Portraits: Art by Benjamin Shine

British artist Benjamin Shine's portraits are a sight for sore eyes, but wait until you see them up close and you discover what they're made out of!

A portrait of Rembrandt. Image via Benjamin Shine's website

Believe it or not, these stunning portraits made by Benjamin Shine are made using a single length of tulle.

Yes, the same material that you see billowing out of those ballgowns and tutus. It’s amazing isn’t it?

A closer look at one of the portraits. Image via Benjamin Shine's website

By carefully folding and pleating the material in strategic places, Shine manages to create the lights, shadows, and tones needed to build the portrait. And the results are a complete wonder to touch and behold!

Shine with his latest work, Hands of Time. Image via Benjamin Shine's website

You can view his whole body of work here.

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