Beautiful Paper Bird Sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera

A Colombian artist has been making intricate and colorful bird sculptures out of paper, each avian masterpiece carefully handcrafted. Take a look at the works of Diana Beltran Herrera after the jump!

It’s amazing what Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera has been making out of simple pieces of paper: intricate and delicate sculptures of birds of various species. These colorful avian artworks, Diana says, are “symbolic representations of the idea of movement.” Take a look at some of her sculptures:

“The birds provide me with a quantity of information manifested in their activities and dynamism. this new space is externalized by
my point of view on some major events of the birds and their environment, in which behaviors are represented, forms,
qualities and intentions – all related with movement,” the artist is quoted on Designboom.

This is why her beautiful bird sculptures are either seemingly captured mid-movement—hovering or flying—or simply stationary. Take a look at some of her sculptures:

Under Diana’s skilled hands and training in industrial design, paper of various shades and textures become almost lifelike bird of both real and fictional species. I wonder what her avian artworks would look like if she used printed lomographs?

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Designboom, Pine, and Booooooom.

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