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anothermountainman's series' investigates aborted structures, unrealized homes, and commodities and reflects on the one's interpretation of the value of things under Capitalism. Through this series we can begin to address the future of the development issue in Asia.

Image via anothermountainman

“Lanwei” is a Shanghainese phrase that describes abandoned unfinished structures caused by dark side of human beings – greed. Hong Kong artist, anothermountainman, took six years to complete this project which was cultivated in China and then extended to include most major Asian cities such as Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, SIngapore and so on. This series, that’s currently on at Hong Kong’s Blindspot Gallery, highlights the misfortune that has spun off from Capitalism’s emergence over the past 10 years. When greed is out of control it becomes the catalyst for destruction as witnessed in the dilapidated structures.

Image via anothermountainman

Anothermountainman, also as known as Stanley Wong, is a talented photographer and designer from Hong Kong. His project “redwhiteblue” examines the role of the ubiquitous red, white and blue bags popular in Hong Kong. In his interview with The House News he states that the most important reason to learn new things isn’t knowledge gain but to be able to spend time seeing and spending time with our world. For instance the last 20 plus years behing the camera have been a love affair for Wong rather than laborious. What was your reason to pick up a camera?

Blindspot Gallery aims to make contemporary photography and Art more visible on the territory, particularly those which have fallen into the “blind spot of the Hong Kong Art scene”. Blindspot Gallery’s photographer’s on exhibit inlcude Paul Yueng who we’ve recent had the opportunity to interview.

Blindspot Gallery, 24-26A, Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
Blindspot Annex,15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building, 28 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
Date: Oct 7 – Nov 11, 2012

Information from this article was taken from Asian Photography Blog

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