The Soul of Lisbon in Alfama

Portas do Sol, meaning “doors of the sun” or “the sun’s gateway”, is a big balcony that opens onto the river Tejo, offering astonishing views over Lisboa.

The postcard-perfect views from this terrace above the Alfama area are truly amazing. You can see the outside of the Church of São Vicente and all the typical Alfama quarter with its narrow streets extending to the river Tejo.

There is also a statue of St. Vincent (the city’s patron saint) holding the symbols of the city: a boat with two ravens.

This is a popular stop for tourists who go there to photograph, but also to sit for a drink at the kiosk café or at the comfortable and modern cafe “Café Portas do Sol” on the terrace below.

Until recently, this café (the one on the terrace below) didn’t exist and you could see several skaters there every day, it was pretty cool.

Where: Alfama
How to get there: Walk up from the city center or take Tram 28 or Tram 12.

written by paper_doll on 2012-10-30 in #world #locations

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