Check It Out!: Dressers Made From Vintage Suitcases

A duo of English designers collect and repurpose old-school suitcases into drawers and dressers.

Majority of the the world’s population may have abandoned the use of suitcases in favor of their lighter and wheeled successors, but that does not mean that they are forgotten.

Image via My Modern Met

In fact some of them live on as part of dressers, thanks to design duo Hannah Plumb and James Russell of JAMESPLUMB.

Images via My Modern Met

With each level or drawer comprising of an individual suitcase, you can be sure that no dressers would be the exactly the same.

Image via My Modern Met

Personally, I am in love with the whole look and feel of it. It gives off that vibe of nostalgia and wanderlust — two things that every creative soul swears in. Gorgeous.

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