Midweek (Mini) Movies: Classic Spooky Cartoons


We have a week to go before Halloween, but let's keep the spooky side of things until next week. Instead, for today's Midweek Movies, we bring you some classic animated mini movies for more fun than fright!

The Skeleton Dance (1929)

Disney has always been known for its playful take on things, and this classic animated short from 1929 is no exception. Alluding to the Danse Macabre iconography of the medieval times, Skeleton Dance features a spirited performance by a group of skeletons dancing to the tune by composer Carl Stalling.

✘ Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=lKOS530PpLA

Lonesome Ghosts (1937)

What do ghosts do when they’re bored and lonely? According to Disney, they make ghostbusters come over to play with them. In this fun 1937 animated short, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy star as ghost exterminators invited by a group of ghosts who had prepared quite a party for the trio.

Fright to the Finish (1954)

Popeye, along with his arch-nemesis Bluto and sweetheart Olive Oyl, remain close to everyone’s hearts for their crazy antics. In this classic Halloween episode from 1954, Popeye hates that he and Bluto are sharing quiet time with Olive Oyl. The two sailors plot to kick each other out of the house, and wacky, paranormal shenanigans soon ensue.

Disney’s Haunted Halloween (1984)

“Oh, Halloween just means getting dressed up in costumes,” says Goofy in this Disney clip from 1984, but the narrator, a talking pumpkin, says there’s plenty of things to be frightened of this spook-season—like the various superstitions and traditions that have defined this occasion through the years.

The Duxorcist (1987)

Last but not the least is this Halloween offering by Looney Tunes from 1987, starring the hilarious Daffy Duck as a witty “paranormalist” called into a troubled damsel’s home. The pretty lady-duck is possessed by an evil spirit that randomly morphs her into a Linda Blair look-alike, but the lovestruck Daffy isn’t turned off—at first, at least.

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  1. diomaxwelle
    diomaxwelle ·

    Skeleton Dance was truly Ub Iwerks' best work. He was a one man animation machine!

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