Models from the 1970's

Lomography is travelling through time this week so we thought we'd share some more vintage treasures from the timewarp! Check out these groovy and glamorous model portraits from the '70s shot on medium format film and the photo quality still holds up decades later. Get similar shots with the new Belair X 6-12!

Photos via These Americans

The mass production of color film surged around the 1970’s, leading us to this trove of photographs featuring the perfect hair, retro fashions, and colorful lifestyles of the Disco generation. Found on These Americans, the set features modelling photos shot on medium format film.

Whether in the studio or on location, using available or external lights, posed or candid, with a blonde model or brunette, you can’t deny that these images look pretty good considering they were made almost 40 years ago! That’s because the 120 film used for medium format photography captures higher resolution images than 35mm film. Pair that with a suave glass lens and a svelte body and you’re sure to get some great quality photos!

Lucky for you, Lomography just came out with a camera that produces exactly that and much more. The *Belair X 6-12* is the world’s first auto-exposure medium format camera! Not only can it shoot 6×6 square, 6×9 rectangle, and 6×12 panoramic photos, it’s got interchangeable lenses for all sorts of shooting situations. You can use a flash, do long and multiple exposures, and use all kinds of 120 film varying from ISO 50 – 1600 to boot. Don’t forget how awesome looking it is with its foldout bellows—just like they used to hustle in the ’70s!

Visit the *Belair X 6-12 Microsite* for more info on the camera.

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