Working at Taco Bell in the 1980's


Lomography is travelling through time this week so we thought we'd share some more vintage treasures from the timewarp! We found these amusing vintage photos that some employees took as they worked behind the counters of the Mexican fast food chain in the mid-1980s. They sure don't make Pico de Gallo like they used to!

Photos via BuzzFeed

I could use some cheesy nachos right about now, after looking at these vintage photos by a Taco Bell restaurant crew from the ’80s. Before their festive purple and yellow logo colors, the Mexican food chain was looking rather drab in brown. Although what they lack in aesthetic pep, they make up for in fresh ingredients and perky employees!

Shared by photographic historian Darrell James on Flickr, the photo set takes us on a personal tour of Taco Bell’s kitchens! From prep time to closing time, we see how the MexiCali food fave operates. Apparently, they used to cook everything from scratch! Shells are molded and fried, lettuce heads are sliced through a Hobart machine, herbs and greens are chopped for a big tub of Pico de Gallo, etc.

James captions: “Boss Tony, at the tomato dicer. He put store #1235 on the map, by hiring and retaining good young people, even as the store’s volume shot up to nearly unmanageable levels.”

Photos via BuzzFeed

Would you like extra guacamole with that?

See the complete set of photos from “What It Was Like Working At Taco Bell In The ’80s” on BuzzFeed.

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