Tim Braden's 'Agence de Voyage' Paintings Will Make You Want to Travel

If the travel bug hasn't bitten you yet, the artworks of a British artist certainly, undoubtedly will make you want to pack your bags and see the world. Read on to go on a dreamy, nostalgic trip with some beautiful painted travel scenes after the jump!

If only I could, I would have gone to the recently concluded first solo exhibit of British artist Tim Braden in Ambach and Rice Gallery in Los Angeles. Aptly called “Agence de Voyage” or “Travel Agency,” the exhibit showcased some of his beautiful paintings of idyllic travels, which I’m pretty sure travel bugs like me will delight in seeing.

Tim draws inspiration from his friends’ travel snaps, rendering landmarks, people out and about, and typical outdoor scenes in nostalgic and dreamy hues. His technique follows the “show, don’t tell” adage, making viewers realize what they’re missing at when they’re not out traveling instead of transporting them to a certain place. If these paintings don’t fill you with an intense longing to travel, I’m not sure what else will!

All photos and information for this article were sourced from Cool Hunting

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