Photorealistic Paintings of Crumpled Fashion Magazines by Stefania Fersini

The images you are about to see will blow your mind. Your brain will tell you they are your usual magazine pages, just crumpled; but no, the Italian artist behind these discarded fashion spreads will tell you she painted them. Read more after the jump!

At first glance, the works of Italian artist Stefania Fersini appear no more than crumpled pages of fashion magazine spreads, but actually, they are masterfully done hyperrealistic paintings. Many of them are actually amazingly convincing with all the crumples and folds. Only upon closer inspection and attention to detail will one notice that they are skillfully done paintings that are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Images via Flavorwire

“Magazine papers picked recycled from rubbish, with their twists and reflections, divert the attention from the scene,” Stefania says in her artist statement on TrendLand. “Together with the products’ captions, they represent Consumerism and Appearance, that is the values and myths of nowadays society.”

Photorealism and its advanced level, hyperrealism, seem to be all the rage in the art world these days with all these astonishing masterpieces popping up around the web. But, nevertheless, the works of Stefania remain striking, don’t you think?

All information for this article were sourced from Flavorwire and TrendLand.

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