Postcards of the Year 2000 from 1900


Since time immemorial, man has been drawing inspiration from what the future may bring. This fascination has been the subject of both art and science, as we can see in this interesting set of postcards of the year 2000 from 1900!

If our Midweek Movies post earlier tickled your imagination on time travel, we have more interesting stuff for you. Retronaut lets us go back in time to see how people from the 1900s envisioned the world 100 years into the future. Take a look at the gallery of postcards by German chocolate company Hilderbrands to see ships running on rails, undersea tourist boats, personal airships, and other amazing futuristic scenarios:

But, come to think of it, some of the creative futuristic visions aren’t so far-fetched when placed against the present-day point of view. Personal airships are just like private choppers, we watch live broadcasts and shows via television, houses can/are being moved on wheels, and who knows, maybe we can make ships run on rails at the turn of the next century.

What do you think of these postcards by Hilderbrands? Share your thoughts with us with a comment below!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Generally, life stays pretty much the same in the ways we can imagine and changes most in the ways we never imagined. See computers, internet, and all sorts world wide foolishness.

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