Dose of Inspiration: Landscapes


There are landscapes that cause sensations and feelings in us that don't go unnoticed. Those capable of portraying them are also capable of transporting us to to those landscapes.

As beautiful as a landscape can be we, are not always capable of capturing it perfectly in our cameras. Today, to begin my wandering in Lomography’s Magazine, I bring you several examples of landscapes, which have been capable of captivating me and I hope they captivate you too.

There are landscapes that fit in the palm of my hand. Still, we can look around them without getting tired, losing ourselves among their details and nooks.

On the other hand, there are immense landscapes in which it is very difficult not to feel like an ant. The landscape recurs again and again and it surrounds us. It just happens that we become part of it.

The ones that I like the most, are the brightest landscapes, in which the sun ends up always being the protagonist.

When this light goes away, it leaves behind the silent reflex of these landscapes. Then, our imagination does the rest.

There are incredible landscapes, cold landscapes, wet ones, dreamed landscapes, and invented ones. Sometimes I find myself trying to remember them by heart, drawing them in my head over and over again to avoid losing them. If I get lost, look for me inside any of these pictures.

And you, what landscapes do you prefer shooting?

Thanks to Mònica Bedmar and Eva Morell for letting me get lost in their landscapes.

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  1. tunnybird
    tunnybird ·

    Great article, and well said. Nice images. Very inspiring thank you.

  2. itrynottothink
    itrynottothink ·

    Thank´s tunnybird! ;)

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