Beautiful Street Scene Paintings by Federico Fiorentini

Photos of busy street scenes and cityscapes are a staple to many of us lomographers, but I wonder, how many of us can paint them? An Italian artist has been creating some marvelous paintings of street scenes, so skillfully done that they seem to come straight out of a photograph. Take a look at some of them after the jump!

Street photography is a staple genre among us lomographers, and at some point in our careers, we will have a multitude of photographs showing the hustle and bustle of our respective cities. However, how many of us can come up with paintings of street scenes as skillfully done as Federico Fiorentini has been making? Let’s take a look at some of his painted cityscapes below:

Images via Federico Fiorentini's City Views

A self-confessed perennial traveler, the Italian artist has been to some of the busiest metropolises in the world, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin. No wonder he is able to capture the essence of life out in the streets. When this penchant for busy streets is combined with eye for detail and impressive painting skills, you get compelling street scenes that perhaps only Fiorentini can visualize and render in paint.

If you want to see more of Federico Fiorentini’s painted street scenes, check out his growing collection aptly called City Views.

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