City Band: Outstanding Gargantuan Pencil Drawing by Chris LaPorte

One man, 1,200 hours, over 100 pencils, and a monumental work of art. This was how the folks over at This is Colossal summarized the amazing work of an American artist, and it could never be more accurate. Read on and take a look at the pencil drawings of Chris LaPorte, jaw-dropping in scale and skill!

Give me a paper and pencil and I will struggle to sketch a silly portrait of you, but give Chris LaPorte all the pencils you can get your hands on and he will most likely give you something astounding. Perhaps, something like what he recently exhibited at ArtPrize 2012.

Photos via This is Colossal

Called City Band, the artwork is a massive 13.5 ft x 23.5 ft pencil on paper masterpiece which earned Chris the 10th place for this year's ArtPrize. He began the gargantuan project when he discovered in his mother’s basement an 80-year-old photo of his grandfather’s high school marching band. Despite being blurry and damaged with age, Chris was able to draw inspiration from the photo, using more than 100 2H pencils and spending roughly 1,200 hours to draw the jaw-dropping piece.

On his work, Chris tells us:

With City Band, I attempt to create a visual narrative that plays on the idea of one’s life equating to lines, physical ones and metaphorical ones. It is a drawing of my grandfather, Virgil LaPorte, and his high school band mates from 1925. These adolescents are very likely deceased. I wish to create a common thread with his history and mine, physically weave those lines together with a pencil, and resolve that composition into something that endures.

Watch Chris LaPorte tell more about his work in the clip below by Mary Matthews:

All information for this article were sourced from This is Colossal and ArtPrize.

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