Participate in Blog Action Day 2012

It's Blog Action Day 2012! This year's theme is "The Power of We" and is all about "Community". As such, we're calling all you Lomographers to action, to blog about what Community means to you using your LomoHomes! More details after the jump.

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We’re all savvy with blogs and either own one ourselves or are actively following a couple. Wait, did you know that as a member of our online community you automatically have access to your very own Lomography Blog space? That’s right. So grab a LomoHome if you don’t have one already and join a world of bloggers today in this idea-generating and thought-provoking cause to raise awareness about issues in your community. Can’t think what to write about? How about sharing experiences closest to home…

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The Lomography Community
When you signed up for your LomoHome and published your first album, liked your first article, and participated in your first Competition you became a part of the tight-knit, all-welcoming, Lomography Community.

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What does Lomography mean to you?
Here’s what some of your fellow Lomographers have shared:

Also, check out The Perks of Being a Community Member

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Other Communities
What other Communities are you a part of? Get inspired to join good-causes through your fellow Lomographers and blog about it on this day!
Here are some sources of inspiration:

So now that you’ve had a dose of inspiration from your fellow community members, whip open those blogs (metaphorically speaking) and share your links with us in the comments below!

Read more about this year’s Blog Action Day here.

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