If Only My Photos Would Be the Cover of My Favorite Books...

How nice it would be if I could modify the covers of my favorite best sellers, replacing them with my photos. This way, I could personalize all those pages I've read, which gave me emotions, which involved me.

Deep reading!

To start I would first customize, “The Catcher in the Rye”, which in the italian edition, has a very simple cover, totally white. The following photo was shot in Brussels, on the street, and I think it would be a good cover for this book. It’s a shot of a person passing by, with her light floral skirt flapping through the small streets of the city center. It’s in black and white, but the chromatic complexity of blacks, whites, and greys is visible anyway adding a touch of melancholy to her quick walking.

I think this image is very suitable to be the cover of a novel which tells about a boy fully plunged into a huge metropolis – New York City, and who tries to extricate himself in an exaggerated complexity. Moreover, the photo I’ve chosen transmits in a very explicit way, the noise of the metropolis and the melancholy expressed by the novel.

For the second book, among my favorites is “Bastogne” by Enrico Brizzi. It is an Italian book and I do not know if there is a translation in other languages. Set in Niece in the early 80s, it’s reflection of an important Italian city, which in those years, had a great youth population (Bologna), the book describes the pushed-to-the-limit lifestyle of a bunch of young guys. Made up of exaggerations, bad habits, sins, parked here and there Vespas 50 Special – a real status symbol during those years. This book perfectly describes a dangerous and lighthearted moment of the 80’s generation, cut out from the 2000’s bourgeois respectability.

The following image, a self-portrait, expresses in a general way, the meaning of the novel. Black and white, strong contrast, a gazing but relaxed intent, a feminine presence. Probably it would be natural to wonder “why” with those eyes, why that vague veil of lust. The same questions suggested by the pages of this book to the readers.

The third and last novel I would like to describe is “If This is a Man” by Primo Levi. A volume telling about the abuses of an obscure era, composed of violence and injuries against anyone who was not suitable to the sick society of that time. In the terrible Auschwitz death camp a man can cope with the harassment, doing things he could never imagine in different situations.

The photo shown here was shot in Faenza, Italy, in the War Cemetery dedicated to the English, and built after the Second World War. It is the same war, the same period of time, but above all it is the image of the strength and battle together. The very contrasted colors underline the meaning, letting warm hopefully tonalities spread around.

And here we have the camera worthy of these shots!

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translated by alessandropaso

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