Kodak Aerochrome: Red Hot Analogue Passion


I wasn't sure about which section of the Magazine I was supposed to submit this article. Reviews, Tipster, Analogue Lifestyle? The thing is that shooting this film is experiencing the best analogue and Lomographic sensations at a 100%. At the end I decided to write a review with touches of analogue lifestyle, and a little trick as a gift!

The experience with this film begins since the very moment of purchasing it. It has to be ordered from an Italian guy’s website, www.bennici.net, the film is expensive and the shipping is even more!. I joined a group of Lomographers who were going to order a shipment to get a lower shipping price, but the big question came up: How many should I order? One, two, a thousand? It was a tough decision because I didn’t know if it was going to be my only chance to get this film, in fact I don’t know if there are still any in stock. I ended up ordering three Kodak Aerochrome EIR 120mm films.

The films spent a lot of time in my fridge (that’s how I had heard they were supposed to be kept). I waited anxiously for the opportunity to go somewhere green enough so that the magic of the Aerochrome turned it all red, but that moment never came.

One day we went shooting to an Osborne Bull in Guadalajara and I thought: “This is my opportunity, the moment has come!”. My intention was to load this film to my Lubitel, but a problem with the lens forced the film to end up in the Diana.

Very well, the Diana… and the filter? This film has to be used with a red or an orange filter. I remebered jandra's advice and fearlessly, I put a red gel from the Diana’s flash between the camera and the lens.

Maybe this is not he most “correct” filter of the world, but this is lomography! The fact of not having a professional orange filter was not going to stop me. I have to say that using this filter can affect a bit in the focus of the photos, still I am delighted with the results. I always shot in the “cloud” mode of the Diana.

Photos by susielomovitz

Honestly, I expected a much more greener environment around my bull, so I only shot a couple of photos. Although the effect is not so evident because of the lack of green, I like the photo a lot. The overexposed photo is the first one of the film, so CAREFUL! Either it happened because I was not careful when loading the film, or I left the little window on the back of the Diana exposed to the sun during a long time and the light came in. I don’t know what was the cause, but if you are using this film be careful with this couple of details. I never covered the back window, so if you choose the Diana for this film I think that not leaving it exposed directly to the sun during a long period of time is more than enough, you don’t have to worry.

The days passed and the camera was still there, kept in a drawer, loaded with an infrared film with 10 photos remaining (already out of the fridge and nothing happened). Good heavens! – A trip to Berlin: I take the Diana loaded with the infrared! What a good decision!

In Berlin we discovered very very very green spots and I didn’t hesitate for even a second of shooting. If you are using this film: GREEN, LOOK FOR GREEN!

Then the Aerochrome visited The Ciudadela Park in Barcelona:

Photos by susielomovitz

And back to Madrid there was still a photo left to be shot and a tremendous anxiety to see what was in the film, so a little visit to the Retiro Park, and done!

Photos by susielomovitz

For developing I went to the LAB 35 in Madrid, and asked them to do a crossed processing, that is to develop it in C41 to obtain the desired red effect on my photos. After a day my film was ready! When I saw the negative and noticed that the photos came out, the emotion was immense, there they were and they looked really good! I quickly took it to the Lomography Gallery Store Madrid - Argensola and I asked them if they could please scan it for me*. Wow! So good photos! Still some of them had a lot of contrast, with very marked blacks, so I dared to re-scan some of them at home. The tones I got were a lot warmer and had a lot less contrast. I really liked both of the results, so I picked some of the lab scans and some of the home scans to upload the álbum to my Lomohome.

The first one is the lab scan and the second is the home scan. Photos by susielomovitz

The experience of shooting this film is fascinating, exciting, unpredictable, magic. I totally recommend it! Now I only regret one thing, that I didn’t buy a thousand. Anyway, I still have two Kodak Aerochrome EIR left in my fridge… Green! Green! I look for green!

Does anyone know if this films can still be gotten?

written by susielomovitz on 2012-10-16 in #reviews


  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    It's a great film and those are some great photos! If you want to keep it fresh store it in your freezer rather than just the fridge. The infrared dyes that make this film work are very sensitive and can deteriorate quickly. You can also use a Yellow 12 filter for pink trees, but don't use the Diana gel, I don't think it would cut out enough blue to be effective.

  2. hazy_baby
    hazy_baby ·

    Bennici updates his website with availability all the time here www.tarquinius.de/ He also adds a roll to ebay daily, here is the latest one www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aerochrome-Color-Infrared-Film-120-forma… I would definately advise keeping these films in the freezer to keep them fresh for longer, just defrost them for a couple of hours before use :)

  3. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Amazing, I have a roll of Aerochrome in my Yashica Electro 35 and can't wait to process it on E6 chemistry. However, there is none in Costa Rica and I will wait until I hit USA shores to have it developed! Can't wait to see the results!!

  4. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    Love the mammoth shot!

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