New Documentary "Witness" Focuses on the Dangerous Work of Combat Photojournalists


What we all like to do whenever we find the time, photojournalists do for a living: take pictures. But some photojournalists do their work in some of the most dangerous areas of the world. They take pictures in combat zones and risk their lives to document these conflicts. A new documentary shows how they work and how they deal with being a witness to armed combats.

Starting in November, a four-part HBO documentary will show how photojournalists work in some of the world’s most dangerous combat areas to portray the horrors of these conflicts to the rest of the world. Some of the combat areas highlighted in the documentary include South Sudan, Juárez in Mexico, Libya and Rio de Janeiro. HBO describes the goal of the documentary to show "why, when everyone else seeks cover, the war photographer stands.”

The trailer for the documentary already gives a chilling insight into what the documentary will be about and into the extreme circumstances under which these photojournalists create their images.

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The four parts of the documentary will be overseen by Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Mann and documentary and commercial director David Frankham. Mann described their motivation for the project in this way: “David Frankham and I share an admiration for combat photography that captures the universal – and sometimes the indescribable – in a single frame in the midst of chaos and danger.”

If you’re already interested in how photojournalists work and what they feel while they are witness to these horrible conflicts, read this article by the Guardian.

“Witness” will premiere on HBO Monday, November 5.

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