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It's another winter season here in Canada...and everyone keeps shooting with which I say, 'STOP'! Have some analog fun!:) Even during the winter, you can capture nice photos since the air is much cleaner and clear! This is how you do it!

Credits: whynotwinnipeg

Here in Winnipeg, Canada, winter gets A BIT cold…like, minus 50….! Obviously many people complain about how cold it is. And people would say to me, ‘Are you crazy? Why would you go out to take photos in the cold?’ or, ‘Why would you take photos with films? It’s so cold, that film camera will die on you!’

Well, to answer both questions, I would say, ‘NO’. :p Usually, analog cameras are more built to last than digital cameras, even in super cold weather. For example, batteries are weak in colder weather but some toy cameras, don’t even need batteries, you just point and shoot.

If you dare to go out, then sometimes you can take a rare shot in the snow.

Sometimes, you need to be careful if the weather is really, really cold as the film gets…cold too but again, you shouldn’t worry as film still captures every moment.

The lights are up during Christmastime and some leftover lights from a friend’s house.
What do you see here? Some dark green parts are grass and the dark yellow parts are leaves.

I usually hold my camera to keep it warm in my jacket, so that when you hold it to shoot, the camera will not be too cold to the touch; digital cameras and some analog cameras which require batteries require this if you want to keep its battery life longer, so you can keep on shooting.

Walking outside is quite essential when the winter comes, ‘why’? Would you like to know?

In winter, the air pressure is actually lower than the other season, and people tend to stay inside, so some people do not even see the sun, they feel depressed and do not get to have daily exercise; add to that, the air pressure is lower, so his/her brain feels tired or feels more stressed. So, GO OUTSIDE! Take some pictures, walk for even 5 minutes, and it’ll refresh your body and mind.

Credits: whynotwinnipeg

So many beautiful things you can see during the winter.

Drawing a pattern on the snow…quite artsy eh?
Too cold? Fine, come home and have a hot shower and some brain food.
Snow, snow, snow…

Remember, take your camera with you whenever you go out! You will find a lot of things you can capture in wintertime…share your photos with us through Lomography.;)

written by whynotwinnipeg on 2012-10-26 in #lifestyle #winnipeg-manitoba-canada-winter-lomography-lomo-analog-film-photo-time

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