Paint the Street Green - The Algal Agfa CT Precisa Expired


If you love to have some greenish tones on your Lomograph, do not miss out with the wonderful Agfa CT Precisa! Let's paint the street green!

In mid-September, I made a trip to Seoul, Korea. I loaded my La Sardina with Agfa CT Precisa, and got ready for a canister of beautiful memories. Indeed, cross-processing of slide film has never failed to surprise me. And this greenish film has proved to be worthy as one of my favorites.

I brought the camera with me all day long, and have taken pictures from sunrise till sunset, It was a beautiful morning to start with.

The results of the film came out as in someone has poured some serious algal water into the development tank. The green becomes greener while the sky has turned such a soothing oceanic blue.

Also, one of the feature of the film is, it tends to cast a magnificent contrast to the pictures. It might be problematic for some people who like to take landscape which is back-lit by the sun. In spite of it, I still love the way it highlights the subjects in a different approach.

The windscreens of the cars could be clearly observed due to the contrast.
All you need is a different angle to avoid the powerful contrast.

For a film labelled ISO 100, it performs extremely well in the night time. The greenish tone and strong contrast does not surrender to the scarcity of light, instead they enhance the lights with a touch a sparkle.

It was a wonderful experience to have the film exposed with my La Sardina. It is suitable for landscape, day and night, and portraits. I will definitely get myself a few more rolls as collections, for the green tone, the gorgeous contrast and wonderful surprise.

written by an_lai_drew on 2012-10-15 in #reviews #green #35mm #film #contrast #agfa-ct


  1. bongo_biene
    bongo_biene ·

    I love the film to, and one of the best features is that its the cheapest slide film I can find! its nearly half the price of other slide films

  2. mythivpaint
    mythivpaint ·

    Thanks an_lai_drew. your idea for paint the street green is great.

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