Top Shoutbox Users of September 2012


Use that little darling to share your latest Lomograph, use that little darling to keep your friends' LomoHomes intact, or simply use that little darling for saying hello!

Ah yes, that shoutbox. A bit small but all the while still worth it of your visits! And these Lomographers just can’t help but frequent it. Here is September 2012’s top shoutbox users!

aldaer (103 shouts)
djramsay (92 shouts)
kleinerkaries (91 shouts)
blueskyandhardrock (81 shouts)
fuckdaniels (64 shouts)
hxloon (60 shouts)
knipsomat (56 shouts)
laurasulilly (50 shouts)
lakandula (47 shouts)

written by mayeemayee on 2012-10-13 in #news

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