Top Photo Uploaders of September 2012


Let's admit it, without all these amazing Lomographs, we won't have this Community we currently roam and live in!

And Lomographs, thousands and thousands of them, are all the while uploaded in people’s Homes every hour of every day. Hey, we just can’t help but be really thankful!

So round an applause for these top uploaders from September 2012!

whynotwinnipeg (1,376 photos)
horstler (1,250 photos)
grindhousegirl (874 photos)
silence0804 (804 photos)
shalimahsm (761 photos)
koduckgirl (745 photos)
kitt-santos (690 photos)
kneehigh85 (658 photos)
kylethefrench (653 photos)

written by mayeemayee on 2012-10-13 in #news #recap #top-photo-uploaders #september-2012 #community


  1. mayeemayee
  2. whynotwinnipeg
    whynotwinnipeg ·

    awwww yeah!!!!!!! Thanks for the award!XD

  3. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Oh thanks a lot. That is what happens when you go on a super duper holiday to Bulgaria!

  4. kitt-santos
    kitt-santos ·

    Wow! Thanks, @mayeemayee !

  5. grindhousegirl
    grindhousegirl ·

    Thanks for the award!!! @mayeemayee thank you for the beautiful message!!! xxx

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