No Fail Whale with this Little Cracker!

Has photography become too much of a grind? Spend too much time obsessing over that 'perfect' shot? Break free with the Orca!

Credits: panchoballard

Michael Raso of the Film Photography Project is right: 110 film IS fun! It’s small, extremely easy to use (you just clip it in your camera, no loading really needed) and at only 24 frames per roll you won’t spend forever trying to use it up.

I’d got bored with 35mm photography and needed a creativity boost, something to get the enjoyment back in small format. Lomography’s resurrection of 110 film was just what I needed. I bought two rolls of the first release of Orca, got myself a Holga 110 Micro (this was before Lomography had released their own Baby 110 range) and took it along to the Film Photography Project meet-up in London.

Credits: panchoballard

The lighting conditions were pretty poor for a 100ISO film but it made no difference to the Orca film. All the negatives were well exposed and easy to scan. The film copes well with the grey English weather and the detail it conveys surprised me. For such a small film it certainly packs a lot in.

Credits: panchoballard

In the city or in the countryside, it’s a great format to have for just firing off shots that you aren’t sure will be worth using a frame of your precious medium format film on. If you aren’t sure about 110, just give it a go. You’ll have a whale of a time!

written by panchoballard on 2012-10-11 in #reviews #orca-110-lomography-orca-110-film

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