Rugby Team Reunites for Photo After 50 Years

It may not be an athletic feat but the entire 1962 Portsmouth Grammar School rugby team incredibly beat one in a quarter million odds. After 50 years, the fellas agreed to catch up and flew in from all over the world to recreate their nostalgic group photo at their alma mater. Every single player from the team was alive and present!

Photo via Telegraph

Here’s a school reunion like no other. Former rugby players for the Portsmouth Grammar School in Hampshire, UK flew in from different parts of the world for a photo opportunity to replicate their 1962 team photo.

In the original black & white photo, team members were about 17-18 years of age. Fifty years later, all 16 men from the first team—plus their two coaches—were present at the 2012 milestone get-together, the odds of them being complete at 256,000 to one.

Photo via Telegraph

Dr. Phil White traveled all the way from his home in Vancouver, Canada, to meet his old teammates, some of whom he hadn’t seen since his school days. He said: "It was fabulous to see all the boys again. I hadn’t seen about 95 per cent of them for 50 years. “Obviously, everyone has aged but their personalities and characters are all still the same.”

Definitely a great time to be alive, isn’t it? :-) Do you have some time capsuled and replicated photos of your own? Share them below!

Sourced from Telegraph and Tumblr.

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