A Quick Tipster to Make Ghostly Doubles


Do you want to surprise your friends with pictures full of ghosts for the next Halloween party? Here are some tips to obtain some ghostly doubles!

You need a scanner (I use a cheap Rollei DF-S 100), and a photo of a ghost:

Now you can choose between your negatives (here a image of the Trevi Fountain in Rome):

Then you need to overlap the two negatives, making a sandwich inside the scanning mask. Make a simple scan, and you have a ghost in the fountain!

This is a wonderful garden in Cernobbio, near Como. It was an illegal landfill, transformed with a lot of patience in a garden by a lady who worked here as a volunteer!

Sometimes, you can see some ghosts here!

Be careful when you walk close to the walls of cemeteries …

Behind your back may appear a spectrum..

Even when you are relaxing staying barefoot in a park with your friends, on a beautiful spring day, a ghost could join your group!

Here a beautiful church…

where another ghost appear!

If you want more “reddish” and “bloody” ghosts, you can set the scan mode on “slide”; in this case you preserve the red mask of the film. The previous “ghost” is my face… in fact, when I load the film in my trusty Lomo LC-A, I always check the shutter in the first two shots needed to advance the film, and sometimes my blurred and out of focus face appear on the first frame of the film.

So a ghost may appear above an urban road in the night…

Or on a wall of a church (here in Gravedona):

Or, again, inside a church…

Happy Halloween!

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  1. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    you are hilarious, sir

  2. jimjimm
    jimjimm ·

    hahhah..:)....a mood lifter is this article...:)..:)..

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