My Childhood in Analogue: From Dress Up to Kissing Seals and All that Kid's Stuff

From the very first photograph of me at birth, to playing dress up and kissing seals, this is only a snippet of my childhood in analogue.

I was born on April 19th,1992, in Westchester County, NY to two very wonderful parents. I’m not quite sure who took this picture. perhaps it was my father, perhaps it was a busy nurse hastily taking this shot before going off to her next patient; either way, I find that this shot is my favorite photograph ever made. It’s the day I was brought into the world and hey man, what a crazy trip it’s been.

Being a product of the 90’s, I guess that’s why my parents were so fond of dressing me up in the frilliest and frou frouiest outfits ever and had my brother and I professionally photographed. There are literally hundreds of photos of us dressed up and holding props from rattles to Mickey Mouse, even wearing oversized sunglasses. My little brother was dressed up as a baseball player and I remember his hand being so small in comparison to the gigantic baseball. Those pictures are too embarrassing – I am sorry to say – to share internationally. However these are the least embarrassing ones.

I guess that from the traumatizing experiences of being forcefully dressed up in the most ridiculous outfits was deeply seeded inside of me and influenced my many outfit choices. I enjoyed dressing up for seasons such as Christmas and made sure to match my favorite candy – candy canes. I insisted picking my own outfits and even went as far as cutting my own bangs. Oh man, when I cut my bangs as you can see in the picture of me holding a bear, I did a pretty awesome job but my parents were not too pleased. I’m pretty sure I drove my parents crazy, but look at my face, I was just too darn cute. :)

I guess my mother thought it to be alright for me to be licked by a seal, I seem not be too freaked out. I always did enjoy their shows with their flippers and balancing acts as a child. New York’s Bronx Zoo is where this was taken, I would very much love to go back there one day. I guess old loves die hard too as I have another photo similar to this one of me and my boyfriend with three seals, only that I am the one doing the kissing. :) If it were analogue I would very much put it up but alas, we live in the age of digital. This other picture is of my grandmother and I, I stayed with her on many a day, as my mother was always working in the hospital. We always did have the most fun together. I will always have the fondest of memories in her home.

There are so many pictures from my childhood captured on some of the most beautiful films. I honestly sat for hours looking at all of my childhood photos and couldn’t help but relive each and every memory. I’m so thankful that I was born when I was, so that I will never have to worry about my childhood ever being forgotten, with all the Facebook, mobile photos and Instagram, and what have you, it will be hard for the children of the future to have something as tangible as a photograph with memories such as these.

written by julia_adele on 2012-10-15 in #lifestyle

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