Mixed Media Art by Conrad Crespin

Mixed media can be a tricky craft, but nonetheless, artists like Oregon-based Conrad Crespin seem to be thriving and making masterpieces instead of just a hodge-podge of materials. Take a look at some of his work after the jump!

I’m convinced that every mixed media artist has a certain formula for making their artworks, well, work. An eye for detail, careful choice of medium/materials to put together, and a vision to present to viewers—all of these are necessary, and perhaps one more ingredient to make the artworks distinctly the artist’s. In the case of Oregon-based artist Conrad Crespin, it must be his ability to create pieces that can be both playful and somewhat controlled.

Take a look at the gallery of his selected artworks below:

Images via Conrad Crespin

Crespin works with a variety of materials, from vintage photos, BFK paper, paint, book pages, and various inks. It’s interesting how he plays with pop culture references, vintage touches, and iconic personalities to make his pieces nothing short of eye-catching.

Have you ever tried making mixed media art using your lomographs? Why don’t you share with us your masterpieces with a comment below!

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