Mélange à Trois: The Cure for the Indecisive Lomographer!


I know you're itching to try some new film. But what's that...you're allergic to commitment? There a remedy, and it's all in one convenient package!

Try your luck with the medium format Mixed Film Pack!

We’ve all been there: dying to buy some film but afraid to commit to a three-pack of one kind. Perhaps you’re on a budget and you want to mix it up without breaking the bank. Or (try this one on for size) you’re a newbie Lomographer and you just don’t know which kind of film to feed your brand new Diana F+. You can always count on a box of the Mixed Film Pack (120) to cure your worries.

Color Negative 800
Lomography has made a very reliable high-speed color negative film, with rich colors and a fine grain. In my opinion, it looks really similar to Fuji PRO 800Z. It’s a top notch choice if you’re taking your Diana F+ out for a night on the town, shooting some live music indoors, experimenting with light painting, or on a Lomowalk in cloudy weather!

Color Negative 800: perfect for a cloudy day, indoors with a flash, or light painting!

X-Pro Slide 200
I can safely say I’m devoted to this emulsion. Its unique blend of greens, blues, and yellows when cross-processed had me from the start. If you’ve never shot with this awesome slide film before, you’re in for a real treat! Take it outdoors, but don’t be afraid to use it with a flash! Either with natural or electronic light, Lomography’s X-pro Slide 200 has never let me down.

Explosive colors, never a disappointment with the X-pro Slide 200!

Lady Grey Black and White 400
I’ve had great luck with Lady Grey in 35mm before – amazing contrast, beautiful deep blacks, unreal images. So when I grabbed my first Mixed Film Pack I was stoked to try out the Lady Grey in medium format. I don’t know why, because I loaded it in subdued light, and the roll was normal enough when I took it out and taped it up, yet it seemed like there were plenty of light leaks through the paper backing. But that’s the beauty of the Mixed Film Pack – you get to try it out before committing to a whole three-pack!

I still love the way my Lady Grey photos turned out despite the light leaks.

All in all, I ad a great experience with my Mélange à trois…and if you’re a Lomographer looking for something new, it could be just the thing for you!

written by megzeazez on 2012-10-10 in #reviews


  1. wrenneevans
    wrenneevans ·

    i loved my three pack! :)

  2. megzeazez
    megzeazez ·

    @wrenneevans it's totally worth it, right? :]

  3. wrenneevans
    wrenneevans ·

    Yes! @megzeazez

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