Enjoy Lomography even more with Lomography Splitzer!


Have you ever used Lomography Splitzer? I use it all the time! Depending on how you use it, you can get great results with your analog photography! I will introduce some of techniques on how to use it!

Credits: hodachrome

I bet you have heard the movie called “Inception”. This image looks just like one of scenes from the movie. It has symmetrical image, looks kind of odd, but it looks like a natural photo. I used Lomography Splitzer to capture this image.
It is not that hard to get this kind of result by using a Splitzer, you simply need to know how. I will introduce some of techniques below:

1. Get the best weather condition
If you are using color film, includeing color slide film, it is always the best to pick the sunny day to shoot this kind of image, because that way you can gain the best lighting for getting the best result to obtain the vivid color and contrast on it. (I used Lomography X-Pro 100 for this time)
If you shoot under the weather like an overcast, or cloudy day, you might not get the best result you can get. (Unless you like to get the atmosphere with underexposure or darker image, hey, be my guest!)

The shot from the overcast weather. Not too bad, I guess..

2. Hold the LC-A+ upside down
For those of you who have used Lomo Splitzer already, you know you got to hold your camera upside down, so that you can get symmetrical images. When I hold my camera upside down, I usually release the shutter button with my left-hand thumb, you might need to get used to it, otherwise you get shake from doing that.

Now, you shoot first shot on the frame. (At this moment, theSplitzer is covering the top half) Next, click the MX switch (for multiple exposure), and you turn your Splitzer 180 degrees to cover the bottom half, now you may hold your camera upside down. And shoot it as you did on your first take on this same frame. As you can imagine, Splitzer is still covering the top half of your frame. (Remember, this second attempt is UPSIDE DOWN, so it is okay to see your Splitzer covering the top again!)

Another tip here is, when you are releasing the shutter, make sure to NOT cover the meter window by your finger, otherwise you will not get the proper light metering for your shot.

Hold it upside down, and release with your thumb

3. Getting proper metering is essential
When it comes to shooting multiple exposures, it is quite important to have proper light metering for the shot. For this time, you do not have to worry too much about light metering since not many images are overlapped with each other. You can simply set your ISO as your film is. (If you shoot with ISO 100, then set it as 100). It seems to get a bit of over exposure, but vignetting can be fixed by such enough light, so overall result gets actually better.

If you get under exposure, you might get visible vignetting on the center of your shot, this does not create what you are looking for. (Unless you like such style..) If you are not sure, you can shoot couple of different shots with setting different ISO settings.

Getting huge vignetting on the middle of image because of under exposure

4. Adjusting the parallax
I think this is the most difficult thing to adjust for you due to getting the perfect symmetrical image. Parallax is the gap between what you see through the viewfinder and what you get from the image result. My LC-A+ does have such parallax. I am sure your camera has one as well. If you can understand how the framing is a bit different from what you see on your camera, you can get the BEST symmetrical photos you like to get.

For example, my LC-A+ tends to be wider toward the left hand side. If you do not consider such a case, you will not be able to capture the perfect reflected image, add to that, second half shot’s corner might be cut by the Splitzer. In order to avoid that, your framing needs to be toward right hand bottom side. When you frame again with holding camera upside down, now you have to frame a bit toward left hand side top…(I know! It is pretty complicated till you get used to it…)

You might also want to adjust your Splitzer based on your subject. (depend on what you are taking with your LC-A+)

Parallax image (with my LC-A+)

5. Shoot couple takes just in case
It is not so easy to take a perfect symmetrical image. Especially, when you adjust the parallax, it is quite difficult. LC-A light metering is also not so stable, so you might get slightly different metering on one side by the accident.

In conclusion, I usually shoot couple of shots to make sure I can get what I want. You can always adjust your framing to save your day. Yes, you need to be VERY patient and to have concentration for getting good symmetrical shot. Well, if you see something interesting to see with symmetrical image, give a try. Practice makes perfect, right?:)

If you get one BEST shot among all the shots, you will be happy.

Shoot, keep shooting, you will get one greatest shot one day.

Hope this helps you to understand how you use your Splitzer and making symmetrical image. Give it a try!
If you get used to it, you can change the angle and try advance framing, might as well be interesting!
Pay some more effort, and you will get great result with your LC-A+:)
Enjoy your MX life!

written by hodachrome on 2012-10-10 in #gear #tipster #multiple-exposure #double #camera #symmetry #double-exposure #doubles #technic #lc-a #splitzer
translated by whynotwinnipeg


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