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One great thing to do in photography, and, in my opinion, even better in analogue photography, is to create a photography project. Projects are only themes, that may or not be followed by specific features. For example "pictures of securities" or "pictures of luxury shops securities".

Defining the concept:
Regarding aesthetics, everything has already been produced. Try to imagine the size of 500px and Flickr’s database and prove this theory. Do you want a photo of toilet paper? It has there! What changes is the connection and the interpretation of who creates what was created. In authorial photography, this is the part that defines the direction of the work. It is the meaning of what photography is for the photographer, which is private and indescribable. Sometimes a project is expressed in different ways by people, even if, for the photographer, the interpretation is different. This is the evil which the artist must submit himself to, unless you keep your entire production stored in the drawer.

Pictures by Henrique Resende

Fortunately, the authorial photography gives you the freedom to produce what pops into your head. “The photographs are mine and, therefore, I’ll make it whatever I want.” But it is also important to be aware of what you’re doing. An artistic principle (visual or narrative) can only be defended when the artist knows that it exists, accept its existence, and take it as personal style.

Pictures by Francine de Mattos

Time factor:
In the execution of a photography project, time has two functions: the maturation of the concept and, consequently, who created it (rarely remain faithful to the original idea), and the modification of the subjects photographed. Never create anything in a short time or without time.

The most common photography project is the 365: one photo each day for a year. In this case, compare the quality (light composition, creation) of the first photos with the latest. Many of these projects involve self-portraits, try to observe as well as the appearance of the change portrayed.

hannah * honey & jam's 365
La Pomme de Portland's 365

Never create anything in order to reach a very large or specific audience. Unfortunately, in most cases, the scope of the project has to do with the status that the photographer already had before. Is it important to disseminate? Yes, but remember: shoot before for self-gratification and not to show others what you did. Leave the project on the back burner until you are sure about it.

All information in this article are taken from Fotografe uma Ideia and Queimando Filme

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