LomoAmigo Boxeur the Couer Shoots with the Fisheye

Lomography and FILTER Magazine teamed up to present a special collaboration! We provided several artists from the Culture Collide festival in Los Angeles some Lomography cameras and here is our third LomoAmigo from our Culture Collide LomoAmigo series!

Boxeur The Coeur is Pabliz Yocka, an experimental musician and a founding member of Franklin Delano and Blake/e/e/e. Boxeur The Coeur’s debut album November Uniform (Trovarobato 2012) is a sensual and shocking collision of avant-garde, pop, dance and folk music, written by Yocka and recorded in close collaboration with New York producer Shannon Fields (Stars Like Fleas, Leverage Models). The album features a number of guest collaborators, including Jon Natchez (Beirut, Yellow Ostrich).

Boxeur The Coeur’s extensive recent tour activity has included stops at major festivals, including Primavera Sound 2012 (Barcelona, Spain) and the Robot Festival 2012 (Bologna, Italy). The dance-oriented liveset presents a vision of the music that leans on crowd interaction and club rhythms, and has accumulated as much praise as the more contemplative and abstract album.

NAME: Boxeur the Couer / Pabliz Yocka
CAMERA: Fisheye No. 2

How long have you been a Lomographer? How did you start?
That’s my first handful of Lomos! Hope they came out ok! Pretty excited to look at the developed material.

How do you incorporate Lomography in your daily life?
I like to shoot photos of friends and/or strangers at strange times and without notice, looking for the unexpected to come out through the fisheye.

What inspires you to write songs and make music and what inspires you to take photos?
As far as I remember, I’ve always had a passion for recursive patterns in music. Something that would repeat, feeling hypnotic rather than repetitive. Something that could play forever without tiring your mind. I’ve started with an acoustic guitar and I’m currently working with electronic devices. It’s all about the groove and colorful melodies and harmonies. I’m probably looking for something similar when I’m lookin’around to shoot a photo. I’m intrigued by natural and architectural patterns, quite often ignoring the obvious subjects that would come to mind. That’s what I like in both media and still inspires me: trying to highlight the non obvious. I’m looking forward to incorporate more and more of these visual aspects in my music so perhaps in the future I’ll be ending up with a 360° mixed media work.

Which of your music instruments is most like the Fisheye?
For its way of warping sounds, I think the Kaoss Pad way of filtering has a similar feel.

Can you write a haiku about the Fisheye?
all is twisting
just come close
and save your soul

What is the atmosphere for your dream gig/concert like? Can you describe it as if it were a photograph?
It would actually be a fisheye photo with lots of people dancing, a thousand smiles and arms in the air, and no fence between stage and audience. More like a dance party than a proper gig.

If you could hang around as a camera on anyone’s neck, who would that be?
Nan Goldin, or Diane Arbus. These are among my favs.

The strangest, funniest, hands-down greatest, or most “unusual” photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.
Looking forward to have one soon.

What’s coming up on the horizon? New projects? What’s in the works and what’s on your mind?
Musicwise I’m working on a few remixes of other people’s tunes which I hope to be releasing by early next year. As for the photography, after this first take at Lomo, I’d love to experiment on the format. I’ll try to print some of my favorite photos in unusual formats and sizes, perhaps first I wanna touch them digitally a bit. I like to mix up digital and analog, they can go along just fine. If you aren’t able to recognize how I did it, it’s a good sign.

Any advice for Lomographers?
I’m such a novice! In turn I ask if any experienced Lomographer have precious advice for a new entry.

Forewords by Boxeur The Coeur

FILTER Magazine’s Culture Collide is a four-day international festival in Los Angeles California with musicians from over 25 countries to bringing their own unique take on music and culture to LA’s East Side for a musical melting pot of live performances, film screenings, and happy hours featuring food and drink from around the world. Follow FILTER on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and check out their website!

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