Redscale Paradise in My Summer 2012


I got my first box of redscale film this summer. It is so fresh, different, and fun to play with! You should try it! How? I will show you some examples and how!:) Also, here are some tips on how to shoot with a point-and-shoot analog camera and a Single Lens Reflex Camera!

Credits: whynotwinnipeg

Redscale goodness!

My friend Angela, got me and our other friend, Pat a box of Redscale films from the Toronto Lomography Shop a while ago. I was treasuring the box and did not use them for while and she kept asking me, “Did you use it?!” and I said, “Not yet! I am saving it for later!” Well, the time has come, it was summer, and time to have some fun! So I opened it, and loaded it in my lovely analog camera, the Olympus XA-1!

Credits: whynotwinnipeg

Let’s go roomie!:)

I was quite nervous how it would turn out, since it was my first time to use it. I saw some examples how people got results, and they all looked pretty. So if you need to refer to one of the rules of Lomography, here it is:

“Don’t Think, Just Shoot’”

Fine! I did! Haha, luckily I was shooting with my point and shoot film camera, so I did not have to care much about settings and all that. It was careless, but curious photo shooting moments with the redscale.

This random guy was playing music by the bridge, redscale added some flavor to it.

I guess, it is better to shoot (well, I would say for any kinds of films) with enough light, whenever you are using a point and shoot camera, so you get enough exposure to create the images that you want. It would be different if you shoot with a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, I can do a quick comparison here for you.

One shot of my friend, Pat, with my Olympus XA-1

With this point and shoot analog film camera, you get a great taste of it, especially with the daylight, you can shoot without worrying about getting enough lighting. You can snap away what you want to capture. However, if you shoot it under low light conditions, you might get unique under exposure shots, like this.

Your shot gets underexposed with certain low light environments.

There are always pros and cons, right? Let’s see some other examples through an SLR camera with redscale.

Low light situation in the small tunnel while my friend and I were exploring this temple in Mount Haruya, Gunma, Japan.

You can control the light situation better with SLR cameras which are equipped with an aperture and shutter speed controls. Even though it is dark in the tunnel, just hold the camera well, and use the slower shutter speed, that might help you get enough lighting there.

Add some “Bokeh” feeling (blurriness) on your photo, plus you can control the brightness of the subject under low light.

Depending on how you like to capture images, snap scenes, you can snap away with a point and shoot, when traveling and capture specific scenes, your SLR might be helpful to capture some subjects under certain circumstances.

But, again, how should we shoot redscale better? I would say, just shoot! Basically, what you see is what you get, BUT, redscale results are totally different in feel compared to regular color or black and white films.

Something I noticed is when you process redscale, the images are mirrored.

For example:

Famous Ice Cream Place in Winnipeg, BDI!

As you can see, the writings are backward, I guess we advance the film upside down, so when people develop it, the result is also upside down…ha!

Hmm, so, when you take your self portrait by the mirror, you can actually get a true mirror image! Try that out!

Another mirror image. Taken with Holga 135 TIM

I was using redscale, a half frame camera, and multiple exposure goodness!

Credits: whynotwinnipeg

Create images you’ve never expected. Multiple exposure is a good way to do that, but simply redscale rocks!

One of my favorites. Captured the moment, but with redscale, it just gets so fantasy-like!

Hope I inspired you to shoot some redscale! You want to see more results? Find out more on the Lomography page!


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  1. iamdnierod
    iamdnierod ·

    im excited to shot with my DIY redscale! :) thanks for sharing this

  2. whynotwinnipeg
    whynotwinnipeg ·

    Thank you for your comments! now you inspires me to make some DIY redscales tonight:))

  3. gelagoo
    gelagoo ·

    Thanks for the mention and for using the camera I gave you!

    As for the mirrored images - Since you are exposing the other side of the film when shooting redscale, I suggest to scan the film on the side where you exposed it, that way it won't come out as a mirror image on the screen. Of course, the easiest way to do it is to flip it to the correct side using your photo editing software. :)

  4. whynotwinnipeg
    whynotwinnipeg ·

    Thanks for tips, @gelagoo!

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