Belongings: A Photo Series by Huang Qingjun


Photographer Huang Qingjun has spent the past ten years travelling through the different provinces of China, asking individuals and families if he could take photographs of them outside their homes.

Earlier this month, we wrote about Swedish photographer Sanna Kvist’s _All I Own_ series which featured photographs of people in their room along with all of their possessions. Now, we’ve discovered another series, this time by Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun.

The ongoing project, entitled Jiadang (Belongings), features photographs of various individuals and families from the different Chinese provinces outside their homes, along with all their possessions inside it.

The resulting photos are not only fascinating, but they perhaps provide the outside world an unexpected glimpse into the lives of the ordinary Chinese.

Images via The International Herald Tribune

In light of the series’ 10th anniversary next year, Huang plans to return to the areas and families that he had photographed to see what had changed. Given the country’s steady rise in power and economy-wise over the years, Huang is curious to see how much of this has affected them.

All information was taken from The International Herald Tribune, BBC News, and Flavorwire.

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    i like the fourth photo!

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    amazing project!

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